Scotch Whisky Exports

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We supply Highland Club® in 70 cl bottles. These are usually packed in cases of 6 and maximum loaded 1500- 1600 cases per 20′ FCL without pallets. Specifically, Further information on our Scotch Whisky Exporters/Importers is available on request .

The US is once again the largest export market for Scotch whisky Scotch Whisky Exporters/Importers and 2012 saw bumper growth with exports breaking through the £700m barrier for the first time. However; The value of Scotch exports to the US increased by 16%, jumping from £654.9m in 2011 to $758m in 2012. Furthermore, the SWA expects this to carry on improving, in a statement the group said: “Demand from the USA is expected to increase as consumer confidence grows and many people trade up to premium brands.”

At the present time this desire for premium whisky is reflected in the fact that despite a big jump in the value of the US export market, volumes sent to the country actually dropped in 2012. In 2011, 130m bottles were sent across the pond, this dropped by 2% in 2012 to 127.5m.

Significantly, SWA chief executive Gavin Hewitt said: “Demand for Scotch whisky from mature and emerging markets around the world grew strongly in the first half of this year after a slow start in 2012. “While these figures provide a snapshot of what is happening with exports, the industry is confident this expansion will continue.

“Significant new investment in the Scotch Whisky Exporters/Importers industry in Scotland by Scotch Whisky producers reflects the belief that growth will be sustainable.”

Top ten Scotch whisky export markets by value

South Africa£65m£54.7m19%
South Korea£59.6m£65.7m-9%