Scotch Whiskey Distilled Blended and Bottled in Scotland

Scotch Whiskey Distilled Blended and Bottled in Scotland

In the Scottish Highlands many a tale is passed down from one generation to the next. The minutiae that is critical to recall the original story verbatim about Scotch Whiskey is lost as it is retold time and again.

There is such a tale in Scotland’s Scotch Whiskey distilling history that few know due to it’s difficult and secretive past. A time when Scotland’s liquid gold was increasingly taxed following the Act of Union with England in 1707.

Scotch Whiskey Legend:

Legend and rumour surround a Scottish clan from the highlands whose name shall remain untold. They created a distilling process for a traditional blended whiskey in a bygone age, called ‘ Formula H ‘. The taste of which is lauded, and celebrated by those in the know to this day.

The clan formed a club whose purpose was to preserve the knowledge of how their distilling process evolved. And to prevent it falling in to the hands of rival clans or the English. They swore an oath to enjoy their heart warming dram with local friends, family, at every opportunity. They vowed to never divulge the distilling process. The ‘Highland Club®‘ was created. In order to ensure that each new generation of the clan would safeguard the distilling process. The ‘ Formula H ‘ mystique was born .

Formula H:

‘ Formula H ‘ is now used in the production of the aptly named ‘Highland Club® ‘. A heart warming blended scotch whiskey. To this day the distilling process and formula is so well guarded. Owing to many bar keeps and pub licensees  throughout Scotland still upholding the terms of this unwritten oath. Moreover; many deny any knowledge of formula H or it’s branded name ‘ Highland Club® ‘. Furthermore; They still deny, deny, deny it’s existence. Even though it’s become Scotland’s favorite secret tipple of local folk.

A Traditional Scotch Whiskey:

When tourists and visitors request it. Many bar keeps respond with. ‘I have no knowledge of such a drink, but can i offer you something else‘. Only locals appear to have access to this wee dram secreted in bottles below the bar. But most secrets cannae remain untold. Despite Scotland’s vain attempt to deny Highland Club® to the outside world. It is now emerging from it’s historic shadowy past. Available for export worldwide (but ya cannae find it in Scotland) so the story goes!

Highland Club® is a premium, classic, traditional, blended Scotch whisky, made for a new generation. Made from the finest single malt and grain whiskies. Drink it neat or dress it as you please. And where possible always share with adult friends (even Sasannachs). Consume in a responsible manner if ya can.

Highland Club® blended Scotch whisky is produced and bottled by one of the largest independent family owned distilleries in Scotland. Further information is available on request.