Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended Scotch Whisky Suppliers

Highland Club® blended Scotch whiskies are a made up of combined single malt Scotch originating from different distilleries in Scotland. Owing to the fact that they are blended together with grain whiskies. Furthermore; The master blender ensures that the each blend tastes exactly the same from one year to the next. In so much as we are Blended Scotch Whisky Suppliers. All our products originate from Scotland.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Suppliers:

At the present time, blended Scotch whiskies contain up to 40 single malts from different distilleries around Scotland. Blended with lighter grain whiskies. Furthermore, Blended Scotch whisky suppliers account for 90% of the Scotch whisky consumed in the world. Due to it being the preferred taste of Scotch whisky for most consumers.

Notably; Scotland is  divided into four areas: The Highlands, Lowland, Islay, and Campbeltown. Wholesale Scotch whisky suppliers congregated in these main regions.

Speyside Scotch:

However; Speyside, which was once part of the Highlands, covers the Spey river valley in the north -east of Scotland. It particularly has nearly half of the total number of Scotch whiskey distilleries in Scotland within its geographic boundaries. 

Generally the Scotch whisky industry uses 3 kinds of oak casks, which are classified by capacity:


Scotch Whisky Oak Casks;

“Barrel” : 190 litres
“Hogshead” : 250 litres
“Butt” : 500 litres
Notwithstanding that, the advantage of using oak for maturing alcohol is that it is not air-tight. Evaporation can affect water contained in the cask. It also affects the alcohol itself. Resulting in a diminution of the alcohol percentage.  To bear the name of ‘Scotch whisky’, a grain spirit must be aged at least for 3 years in an oak cask.

Finally; We are leaving the European Union (EU). Things are changing for Scotland and the UK. It’s not goodbye or even ‘ au revoir ‘. Our team are here to develop new markets and create new Blended Scotch whisky business opportunities.